Diversified Infrastructure Group, LLC Line Sheet

  • AA Thread Seal Tape - Polyethylene encasement for ductile iron pipes & fittings.
  • AGAVe wire - manufacturers of copper & copper clad locating wire for buried pipelines
  • Ais, llc - manufacturers of fabricated ips fusible fittings for hdpe pipelines
  • Aquashield enclosures - manufacturers of insulated aluminum above ground enclosures for backflow preventers and reduced pressure zones
  • ARI, USA - Stainless Steel and Nylon air release valves for water & wastewater
  • Christy's - suppliers of marking products and tools for the underground industry
  • Composite access products - manufacturers of high-strength, non-corrosive manhole rings and covers
  • Fernco - Flexible PVC couplings and saddles, Qwikseal universal tap devices, Pow-R Wrap and Storm Drain products.                                                                                 
  • Galaxy Plastics, LTD - Manufacturers of Gasketed and Solvent-weld Pvc fittings for pressure and non-pressure applications through 36-inches in diameter
  • GlasForms, Inc - Fiberglass markers for pipeline recognition
  • JC Whitlam - Blue-Lube non-organic pipe lube, solvent cements, thread compounds and Plumb-Pro tools for the waterworks industry.
  • krausz, usa - manufacturer of the hymax coupling and other wide-range restrained ans non-restrained products including the hymax versa and the hymax clamp
  • napac, inc - fire protection & waterworks products including flanged & MJ ductile iron fittings, gate valves, butterfly valves,check valves, indicator posts & accessories
  • national pipe & plastics - manufacturers of pvc water, wastewater & plumbing pipes through 48-inches in diameter
  • odor control specialties - manufacturers of odor control devices for wastewater air valves
  • Oldcastle  Enclosure Solutions - High-strength structural HDPE meter boxes and covers as well as HDPE and Polymer cast vaults up to 36"x 60"x 72".
  • precision pipe & products - suppliers of coated and uncoated steel casing pipes
  • SW products - manufacturer of the marlee float skimmer surface water remover for detention ponds during and after construction
  • u.s. saws - construction products for cutting pipes and concrete, material handling equipment, core drilling and valve exercising


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